Hi, we're Corbas.

We're a small UK-based consultancy and we're passionate about digital publishing,  web technologies, XML workflows and best practice for production of data and documents.

We believe companies that publish should have the knowledge tools they need to make the right choices about their content and workflow.

We can help you navigate content driven, multi-format output publishing. Whether you are looking for consultancy or training, we specialise in XML-based publishing, digital media including ebooks (Kindle and EPUB), supplier selection and workflow optimisation.

We also have a great track record in traditional publishing services, in addition to crafting content to work across print and digital, we can offer development editing, copyediting, proofreading and all kinds of project management services.

For more about production project management and editorial services, talk to Emily Gibson: www.corbas.co.uk/emily-gibson/

For more about technical and technology solutions and training, talk to Nic Gibson: www.corbas.co.uk/nic-gibson/