New open course! Kingston University

Bookings now being taken on our new course, Commissioning and Producing Ebooks at Kingston University. 

Here's what you will learn over the five-day course:

Day 1:
Understand your publishing organisation and its market;
Maintain editorial quality;
Work effectively with colleagues, publishing partners and suppliers;
Manage bibliographies and metadata.

Day 2:
Develop a digital strategy;
Commission and check the structural design, functionality and accessibility of digital publications;
Build productive relationships with external contacts;
Manage outsourced services and external people.

Day 3:
Define technical and project specifications for digital products;
Maintain editorial quality;
Produce a specification of work.

Days 4 & 5:
Create content;
Maintain editorial quality;
Edit content.

Get in touch with us, or contact Kingston University directly to enrol.