Nic Gibson

I help publishers find solutions to digital publishing problems. I'm particularly focused on the creation of effective content driven publishing workflows. I have extensive experience in technical and strategic aspects of digital publishing. My interests include the development of effective XML-based workflows to help our clients achieve value from content driven publishing.

I've been working in and around the publishing industry for over ten years, having changed focus from new media over the preceding years. In addition to consultancy work, I provide training both through Corbas and with various established training companies (including Learning Tree and the Publishing Training Centre).

My interests include

  • EPUB (and Kindle format) consultancy and training
  • XML consultancy and training
    • Introductory courses
    • Schema/DTD authoring training
  • XSLT
    • Introductory 
    • XSLT 1 to 2 migration
    • XSLT 2 to 3 migration
    • Best practices courses
  • Supplier due diligence
  • Content driven publishing projects
  • Speaking and training engagements on the above topics

You can contact me in the usual ways:

Skype: nicg.corbas
Phone: 07718 906817 (or +44 7718 906817) / 01273 930765 (or +44 1273 930765)