We provide digital publishing consultancy and training to publishers and organisations who publish. Take a look at our client list to see who we've worked for.

We work across several different areas of digital publishing but our interests are mainly around the implementation of technical solutions, content and workflow refinement.

Digital publishing

We can work with you to help you determine the best approach to digital publishing for your organisation. We will give you honest, informed advice on whether XML suits your needs or not, how you should approach ebook creation, integrating digital media, or which third party organisation will be able to meet your requirements.

Due diligence

We can provide due diligence support when you choose a supplier for your digital products, helping you decide which supplier meets your needs and which suppliers may not be suitable.


If you are outsourcing production, you should be providing your supplier with requirements including output formats, standard styles and image requirements for your ebooks. We can help you create those requirements and ensure they're followed.


Migration to an efficient digital publishing workflow can be challenging. We can help you decide what kind of workflow suits your organisation's needs. We can work with to determine if an XML first workflow would work for you or, if not, what would. The most important goal is to ensure that your digitally enabled workflow is more agile and costs less than your current workflow. Publishing digitally should never make your workflow more expensive.

Quality control

Quality control for ebooks, XML and digital media can be a challenge for publishers who are outsourcing their production. We can work with you to produce quality control standards and procedures to be followed by your suppliers. We can train your staff in the skills need to ensure that your suppliers are keeping to those standards.

XML Technologies

We are experts in the XML technologies used in publishing. We can help you with both implementation and training. We believe that the general problem of marking up text as XML has been solved and we can guide you towards an appropriate XML language (schema or DTD) for your content. When your content doesn't match any standard model, we can help create a custom XML schema if required.

We have written schemas for clients using all of the well-known schema languages — DTDs, XML Schema, Relax NG and Schematron.

If you need your content transformed from one XML format to another (or to something else entirely) we can write scripts using technologies such as XSLT and XProc to help automate your workflows.

We can provide expert consultancy in the following technologies (amongst others)

  • Schema design
    • Relax NG
    • W3C Schemas
    • DTDs
    • Schematron
  • Transformation using XSLT (1 and 2)
  • Pipelines using XProc
  • XSL-FO for print


We have been working with ebook technologies for several years now. We can help you create your eBooks in several ways.


We are always interested in working on interesting ebook authoring projects. If your requirements include complex requirements, multiple platforms, XML or similar we can work with you build your ebook. We specialise in the use of advanced ebook technologies such as SVG and MathML. We can build you an ebook which can take advantage of the most advanced features of modern ebook readers while functioning well on less capable devices.


We can teach the underlying technologies of ebooks to your staff. We believe that it is essential for publishers to have a good understanding of ebook technologies in order to be able to guarantee the quality of their digital products.

Quality Control

When you outsource your ebook creation, it can be difficult to ensure that the ebook you get back is good enough to sell. We can help you design and run your quality control processes. We can also set up and run those quality control processes for you if needed.